We are proud to announce that we are now carrying materials produced by Cicla 3D, a material science company specializing in high-tech applications. Cicla’s Nano-Copper particle reinforced plastics are microbiology lab tested and shown to display antimicrobial properties, including antibacterial and antiviral.


Cicla plastic filaments are easy to 3D print with great tensile strength and surface finish at high print speeds. The pure copper nanoparticles inside the filament can eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses in less than 24 hours, making it a great option for applications needing antimicrobial properties.


More information on the antimicrobial properties of copper can be found here.



NOTE: If you are trying to purchase from outside of the US, please contact us directly so we can get custom shipping rates for you. You may not be able to check out your order.


  • Data and Lab Tests

See photos for lab tests and data on Cicla material for antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.           


  • Potential Uses and Applications

Recommended for use in: Household tools (not heavy duty), toy making, educational projects, exhibits, prototyping, architectural models, mechanical parts, industrial parts and for lost wax casting methods for the creation of metal parts.


  • Filament Specifications

- Diameter: 1.75 / 0.04mm

- Quantity per roll: 1 Kg (350 m approx.)

- Extrusion temperature: 190ºC - 220°C (Reference values)

- Bed temperature: 0ºC - 60ºC (Reference values)

- Print speed: 60mm / sec


  • Mechanical Properties: 3D Printing

- Young's modulus in tensile: 2346.5MPa

- Tensile strength: 49.5MPa

- Flexural strength: 103MPa

- Young's modulus in Flexion: 3150GPa

- Impact: 5.1KJ / m2


Avoid prolonged use outdoors or applications in which the printed part could be exposed to temperatures above 50 ° C



Anti-Bacterial Nano-Copper Infused PLA 3D Printer Filament - 1 KG -FREE SHIPPING

$104.00 per 2.2 Pounds
Filament Diameter



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