The Innosek5 Lists & Awards Set to Become the Trusted Voice of Consumers in the 3D Printing Industry

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

11/30/2021 l Buffalo, NY

About the Innosek5 Lists and Awards

The Innosek5 Lists are created to bring trust to the 3D printing industry marketplace. These rankings are your guide to finding which products or services in the 3D printing industry rank highest in the Innosek Products Study. The rankings are based on the opinions and results of a focus group of industry experts who test and rate parts, upgrades, consumables, and programs in the 3D printing industry. The Innosek5 Lists are shared with the public quarterly with an annual Best in Class Brand award given in Q4.

What is the Innosek5?

The Innosek5 Lists and Awards shout praises to the highest performing companies creating hardware and software products within the 3D printing industry. As the trusted symbol of the Voice of the 3D Printing Products Industry, our awards help companies increase consumer trust, consideration, and ensure that highest performing brands get recognition for their best-in-class products and consumer focused service.

Why was the Innosek5 Created?

From 2012 to today, the 3D printing industry has been growing exponentially with a global market cap of $12.57 billion in 2020 with a projected growth to $68.71 billion in 2028 at a CAGR of 24%. With so many companies developing hardware (printers, replacement parts, upgrades), software (slicers, firmware, design), and consumables (material, adhesives, beds) the level of consumer trust is at an all time low. The Innosek5 Awards and Lists are a way to be the voice of trust and brand recognition to the consumer looking to make purchases within this industry.

How The Innosek5 Process Works

Quarterly, a private group of 3D Printing experts get together to purchase, test, discuss, and rate various product categories within the 3D printing industry. The Innosek5 Lists and Awards companies and products based on the products Durability, Ease of Installation, Ease of Use, Longevity, and Durability. Each company’s products are ranked against other in its category and the top five are given a rating from 0% to 100%.

Categories within the 3D Printing Industry

Overall Best in Class Brand Slicers and Software
Hotend Upgrades Filament and Materials
Direct Drive Upgrades Nozzles
3D Printer Consumables Thermistors & Heating Parts

The First Ever Innosek5 List and Awards will be Released in December 2021. Subscribe to stay up to date!


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