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Assembling a DIY Office Trebuchet

Though Innosek manufactures industrial level parts and products, we love to have fun and pass that along to our friends. If you've received one of our DIY Office Trebuchets, you're in for a world of fun. Below you will find steps to assembling the DIY Office Trebuchet:

(Pictured Instructions Below)

Step 1: Break away supports to remove all pieces

Step 2: Insert launching arm into the cylinder rod

Step 3: Slide Gear onto opposite side of cylinder rod

Step 4: Attach 'U' shaped piece to rectangle fixture

Step 5: Attach 'L' shaped lever into the socket fixture

Step 6: Attach all the pieces together, making sure the lever is in the front, catapult arm in the middle, and last fixture in the back

Step 7: Secure string to one post of 'U' shaped part, windup the string along the inside of the gear, tie to other post of 'U'. Alternatively you can attach a small rubber band to the front 'U' post and catapult arm.

Step 8: Attach a second piece of string through a lever hole

Step 9: Set lever in place, pull and fire.



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