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Innosek helps manufacturing companies understand and utilize additive manufacturing to its full potential by providing end-to-end services and outsourced parts. Through the Innosek Approach, customers have a true partner for industrial 3D printed parts with increased quality, accuracy, and functionality. Our process dives deep into your part and company’s needs, challenges, and requirements, pairing it with the right optimization, material, technology, and finish to provide a better end product. With 6 AM technologies and over 30 engineering grade materials from thermoplastics to metals, the Innosek team is the right partner to have you succeed with Additive Manufacturing.

The Right Material & Process For Your Part's Success

Manufacture with the best and most innovative materials on the 3D printing market; including materials with flexibility, flame retardance, chemical resistance, static safe and more

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Engineering Driven

Additive Manufacturing

Short Run

Production & Prototyping

Get more functionality out of your 3D printed parts with Innosek's wide material library and our engineering approach to additive manufacturing

Manufacture with confidence having Innosek be your expert production and prototyping partners

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